The Stats:
: John Bradley / Custom Channels / Boulder, Colorado
Programs: Which Wich, Mooyah, Whole Foods Market, Lucky’s Market, Mash’d, Boloco

Q: How do you find music for your programs?
1) I’m always Shazaming songs. Half the time it’s because I know the song and want to remember later to schedule it on a channel. The other half are songs I don’t know and I want to get it to use.
2) I stay current with the charts of multiple radio formats via Mediabase and Billboard and the like because most businesses still want a good dose of familiarity in the music mix.
3) There’s always a lot of radio promoted songs but they aren’t always right for in-store play. Shoplifter has a better success ratio for what works for in-store.  Shoplifter isn’t out to make #1 hits; it’s in it for exposure…the right exposure.
4) My 24-year old daughter is a good source for uncharted music that’s way off my radar.

Q: What’s your all-time favorite track that you think works in just about every retail program?
I like using “Green Grass” by I Am Arrows. Not a hit but sounds familiar; not too fast or slow; sounds modern yet easily blends with new or older songs. It’s a song without a time period/era.

Q: When you’re not programming music for stores, what are your interests and hobbies?
I live in Colorado so there’s plenty of outdoor activities. I walk, hike, bike and fly fish. During football season it’s college first, NFL second, that consumes my weekends.

Q: What Shoplifter release are you currently loving?
On two different ends of the sonic spectrum, I like Library Voices and Claptone.